A Lovely Stay @ Beehive Hotel, Bandung

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel.

It is very rarely for me to stay in a same hotel twice, because I just love trying other hotel no matter how impeccable my experience before. But that is a different case with Beehive Hotel Bandung.

I have stayed in Beehive Hotel twice, and that counts as a ‘wow’ in my book. Let me tell you why I adore this hotel very much.

Christmas decoration at the lobby.

I used to live in Bandung for 4 years in my uni days. Beehive is located at Dago area, just right behind my uni (you can even see the campus from one of the room windows haha). Location-wise, Beehive is just perfect. Well at least for me. I am more of a ‘Bandung-Utara-kind-of-person’, so if your destination in Bandung is Lembang, Dago, Dago Atas, Setiabudi, Progo, etc, then this is hotel is perfect for you. Not to mention that you can easily grab any public transportation here because it is in the heart of the city. I think it is easier for you to get an Uber, Gojek, or any online-booking transportation here, unlike if you are staying in Lembang or Dago Pakar area. So point number 1 is location.

Point number 2 is the room. For its price, Beehive Hotel offers really spacious room compares to other hotel I have stayed in Bandung (for the same range of price). The design of the room is very contemporary with a hint of shabby, and they have different design in their rooms. You can request which room you want as long as it is available.


One of their room in the attic. Photo taken from Beehive Hotel website.

This hotel is very well-designed from every corner, you can snap almost everything and it is Instagram worthy hehe. That is point number 3.






Point number 4 is this hotel is the nearby facility. If you want to eat, you can go to their restaurant, named Beehive Cafe & Eatery. Walk across the street and you will find Noah’s Barn, a coffee shop. Just next to Beehive you will also find Golden Monkey, a bar where you can chill and grab some beer, etc, with Circle K just beside it. Take a little bit of walk again you can also find McDonalds, Siete Cafe (ITB students’ favorite cafe to do their homework), Cafe Halaman, and Verde Resto & Lounge. Not in the mood for resto and cafe and want to find some cheap food and snacks? Then Pasar Simpang Dago is just right around the corner. For shopaholic, you can easily find numerous FO (factory outlet) at Jalan Ir. H. Juanda, walking distance!

The restaurant.

Playground in the backyard.

Well, I hope this post inspires you and helpful for you who’s still in searching for your perfect accomodation in Bandung. Ciao!

Beehive Boutique Hotel

Address: Jl. Dayang Sumbi No. 1-3, Dago, Bandung

IG: @beehive_bdg

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