10 AirBnB Instagramable di Bandung

Menginap di AirBnB memang menyenangkan. Alasan utama mungkin karena unik dan beda experience-nya dibanding menginap di hotel biasa. Kota di Indonesia dengan AirBnB paling unik dan cantik menurutku di Bali (pasti pada setuju deh!). Tapi nggak nyangka, Bandung juga punya pilihan AirBnB yang nggak kalah kece! Dan sering jadi tempat prewedding photoshoot juga

Beberapa waktu lalu sempat iseng browsing AirBnB di Bandung sebelum short trip kesana, dan nemu banyak yang gemas dan Instagramable! Browsing di website AirBnb itu emang suka tricky sih, kadang yang lucu-lucu suka tenggelam di page-page akhir entah kenapa.

Karena sering ‘ditodong’ lewat Instagram DM minta rekomendasi tempat menginap di Bandung, berikut aku rangkum 10 AirBnB paling Instagramable di Bandung!

P.S. Aku hanya pernah menginap di 2 dari semua AirBnB yang kutulis disini, jadi untuk reviews bisa lihat di page AirBnB-nya ya! Aku hanya merangkum aja penemuan hasil browsing detektif-ku *wink*

Here’s THE LIST! (in alphabetical order)

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A Lovely Stay @ Beehive Hotel, Bandung

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel.

It is very rarely for me to stay in a same hotel twice, because I just love trying other hotel no matter how impeccable my experience before. But that is a different case with Beehive Hotel Bandung.

I have stayed in Beehive Hotel twice, and that counts as a ‘wow’ in my book. Let me tell you why I adore this hotel very much.

Christmas decoration at the lobby.

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Artsy Staycation @ Yello Hotel Harmoni

One of the easiest trips to do when you’re in the city is staying in a hotel! I do this frequently, especially when I only have the weekends but still want to get out of home. You can save your money because you do not have to travel far, yet still have the different kind of staying experience. Yello Hotel Harmoni in Jakarta is my staycation destination in this post.

I love how the staffs say “Yello!” to you instead of “Hello!”

I am all about colorful things, maybe that is why I am very much in love with Yello Hotel’s interior. It is vibrant, and of course as the name Yello, it has very strong bright yellow tone vibe. I love the┬ádecor and their choices of furniture. I can tell the designer put a lot of thoughts into it. If you love artsy stuff and splash of colors, I would highly suggest this hotel.

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One Day in Apache Camp @ Highland Park Resort

I don’t know about you, but I always long for mountain view or any greeneries. Unfortunately, Jakarta doesn’t have good option for this (in my opinion). Maybe that’s why every weekends and long weekends, places like Puncak, Bogor, or Bandung, are always crowded with travelers from Jakarta.

Bogor is one city that I rarely visit to be honest. But from here and there, many people told me Bogor has many sights worth seeing, not to mention various places for a culinary trip. After a short research, I found this unique camp in Bogor. It is located on the slope of Gunung Salak, so you can expect beautiful sceneries of the mountain here. The name is Highland Park Resort Bogor.

It took me one and a half hour journey to get to this place. Because I live in BSD City, Serpong, I took the Parung route instead the Jagorawi highway, because traffic in Jagorawi could be crazy in the morning. I departed at 7.00 in the morning and arrive there around 8.30 AM.

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