10 AirBnB Instagramable di Bandung

Menginap di AirBnB memang menyenangkan. Alasan utama mungkin karena unik dan beda experience-nya dibanding menginap di hotel biasa. Kota di Indonesia dengan AirBnB paling unik dan cantik menurutku di Bali (pasti pada setuju deh!). Tapi nggak nyangka, Bandung juga punya pilihan AirBnB yang nggak kalah kece! Dan sering jadi tempat prewedding photoshoot juga

Beberapa waktu lalu sempat iseng browsing AirBnB di Bandung sebelum short trip kesana, dan nemu banyak yang gemas dan Instagramable! Browsing di website AirBnb itu emang suka tricky sih, kadang yang lucu-lucu suka tenggelam di page-page akhir entah kenapa.

Karena sering ‘ditodong’ lewat Instagram DM minta rekomendasi tempat menginap di Bandung, berikut aku rangkum 10 AirBnB paling Instagramable di Bandung!

P.S. Aku hanya pernah menginap di 2 dari semua AirBnB yang kutulis disini, jadi untuk reviews bisa lihat di page AirBnB-nya ya! Aku hanya merangkum aja penemuan hasil browsing detektif-ku *wink*

Here’s THE LIST! (in alphabetical order)

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Little Houses di Kota Mini, Floating Market Bandung

Nama Floating Market Lembang tentunya tak asing bagi wisatawan lokal Bandung maupun sekitarnya. Floating Market selalu berinovasi dan menghadirkan obyek wisata menarik di dalamnya. Yang terbaru adalah Kota Mini.

Kota Mini berlokasi di dalam area Floating Market, Lembang. Terakhir kali aku mengunjungi Floating Market adalah 2014, dan areanya belum sebesar sekarang. Nampaknya management Floating Market terus expand area-nya dari tahun ke tahun. Dilihat dari mulai bermunculannya area wisata baru seperti Kyotoku, Rainbow Garden, dan Kota Mini.



Harga tiket masuk Floating Market adalah Rp 20.000,- per orang (gratis segelas minuman pilihan di counter).

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Rumah JAE – A Cozy BnB in Bandung Utara

I used to live in Bandung for 4 years cause I went to a university there. I remember it was hard for me to move back to Jakarta because I like Bandung very much! The weather, the food, the people, etc.

Year 2017, I got pretty much worked up with my job in capital city so I didn’t get to visit Bandung at all! I miss Bandung very much, so I decided to make my very first trip in 2018 there.

After browsing for some accomodation in Bandung, I got hooked with this rather new BnB named Rumah JAE located in Dago Giri. Location-wise, a bit secluded to be honest. But that’s just what I was looking for! Quiet place with serene view of greeneries. Other than the BnB, they also have Warong JAE that is very popular these days.

Rumah JAE

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A Lovely Stay @ Beehive Hotel, Bandung

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel.

It is very rarely for me to stay in a same hotel twice, because I just love trying other hotel no matter how impeccable my experience before. But that is a different case with Beehive Hotel Bandung.

I have stayed in Beehive Hotel twice, and that counts as a ‘wow’ in my book. Let me tell you why I adore this hotel very much.

Christmas decoration at the lobby.

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Orofi Cafe, a Touch of Santorini in Bandung

I assume you have at least witnessed this pretty cafe once in your Instagram feed or blog, or whatsoever, since this is one of the popular cafe in Bandung these days. I visited Orofi Cafe quite a long time ago, it was in December 2016 (hence the photo without guests. That time, not many people knew about the place. I was the only guest that day). But since people are still putting so much interest in this place (few people sent me DM asking about me about this too) so I decided to write about it.

Orofi Cafe is a cafe (restaurant) located in Dago Atas, Bandung. If you have visited The Valley Bandung, then it is located right in front of it. Use the Google Map (just like I did), I reached the place easily without getting lost or anything but that maybe because I used to live in Dago, Bandung for 4 years, I don’t know… haha. I hope you guys from outside of Bandung can find this place easily!

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Next Level of Hammocking at Gunung Masigit, Bandung

Year 2016 was quite a memorable year to me since I had quite a lot of ups and downs. The downs happened mostly at the beginning of the year, but thankfully it got better to the end. No matter how hard life gets, I believe that it is our decision to make it a lesson or just do non-stop complaining then do nothing. Well I’m not a perfect person and I do also complain and cry when I got overwhelmed some times, but I can confidently say that at the end of the day I always try to take it as a lesson.

It was around the end of December 2016, and I just had to do something awesome to wrap the year. There was this one thing I have been eye-ing for so long, and it is hammocking on top of a stone mountain, Gunung Masigit, Bandung.

I’ve seen people posting it on Instagram couple of times, and it looked so awesome!!! I thought about “How did they climb to it? The mountain looked so high…” But I thought again, well I took picture in Yogyakarta’s Kalibiru, it looked so high but turned it it was all about the angle. This can’t be that hard laaah. *me being cocky*

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