One Day in Apache Camp @ Highland Park Resort

I don’t know about you, but I always long for mountain view or any greeneries. Unfortunately, Jakarta doesn’t have good option for this (in my opinion). Maybe that’s why every weekends and long weekends, places like Puncak, Bogor, or Bandung, are always crowded with travelers from Jakarta.

Bogor is one city that I rarely visit to be honest. But from here and there, many people told me Bogor has many sights worth seeing, not to mention various places for a culinary trip. After a short research, I found this unique camp in Bogor. It is located on the slope of Gunung Salak, so you can expect beautiful sceneries of the mountain here. The name is Highland Park Resort Bogor.

It took me one and a half hour journey to get to this place. Because I live in BSD City, Serpong, I took the Parung route instead the Jagorawi highway, because traffic in Jagorawi could be crazy in the morning. I departed at 7.00 in the morning and arrive there around 8.30 AM.

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