Thailand Trip Part 1: Hari Pertama di Bangkok ( + Itinerary & Budget)

Sebelum trip ke Bangkok beberapa hari lalu, aku browsing gila-gilaan untuk persiapan trip! Beruntung banget karena banyak blogger Indonesia yang nulis tentang liburannya ke Bangkok dalam bahasa Indonesia. Aku juga bacain blog dari luar sih, tapi entah kenapa kalo baca tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia bisa lebih relate hehehe mungkin karena destinasi-destinasi yang didatengin juga lebih mirip.

Karena itu, untuk blogpost tentang trip Thailand, akan aku tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dengan harapan bisa lebih mudah dibaca untuk kalian yang mau liburan ke Thailand dan butuh info. Yay! 😀

Let’s start the trip story!

Asiatique Riverfront at night.

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Day Trip from KL to Malacca, Malaysia

When talking about Malaysia, there are few cities that pop out in my mind. They are KL, Penang, Georgetown, and Malacca.

So, after I have decided to do a trip to KL,  I browsed the net about the possibility to put other cities in my itinerary. Turned out, for my 5-day-trip (with the 1st and the last day as my day of arrival and departure), it was only possible for me to add Malacca in my itinerary. Penang and Georgetown are quite far from the capital city. But no need to be sad, because that means I can visit the Malacca! Yay!

The Red Buildings of Malacca.

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