Thailand Trip: The Local Taste of Ayutthaya (1-Day Trip from Bangkok & Itinerary)

There are two things I always do when visiting Thailand: eat local food and temple-hopping! As Indonesian, I find Thai food matches my taste as it is quite similar to my home country cuisine. Also, do I need to explain to you that temples in Thailand are incredibly stunning? If you are into both of those things, then Ayutthaya is a city you can not miss.

Ayutthaya is a city in Thailand, located only 80 KMs north of the capital city Bangkok. It was the second capital city of Siamese Kingdom from 14th to 18th century (the first capital city is Sukhothai). Ayutthaya was full of beautiful palaces, temples, and monasteries.

Unfortunately in 1767, the Burmese (Myanmar) army attacked the city and burned Ayutthaya all to the ground. The city was abandoned then and never rebuilt. The Siamese Kingdom moved to a new place you know now as Bangkok.

Ayutthaya, you’re a beauty!

If you see any beautiful ruins with chedi-shaped made of red bricks on the internet, there is a big chance of it could be Ayutthaya. I love that it was very different than any other places I visited in Thailand before. The historical story is beyond. You couldn’t help but wonder how majestic the city was in its prime time when you explore the area.

Ruins of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is very reachable from Bangkok, it will take you probably just an hour or two depending on the traffic. You can either take private or public transportation to go to here. If you have limited time in your trip, you can do a day-trip to from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, just like I did with TakeMeTour!

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SG-KL Trip Part 3: Keliling KL dan Putrajaya (+ Itinerary & Budget)

Baru dari KL tahun lalu, jadi nggak terlalu ngoyo untuk jalan-jalan. Menurutku pribadi, KL itu kayak Jakarta. Menarik sih, tapi ya lebih ke wisata perkotaan aja. Destinasi utama di dan sekitar KL seperti Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves, bahkan Melaka, sudah pernah didatangi. Kemana lagi ya yang seru? Pilihanku pun jatuh pada Putrajaya! Dan kulineran di KL tentunya.

Temple-hopping around KL is not disappointing



Waktu browsing penginapan sebelum berangkat, aku happy banget ketemu Bunk & Bilik ini. Newly renovated, beautiful interior, and very affordable!

Jenis kamarnya ada banyak. Baik private maupun hostel bunkbed. Aku ambil yang private, karena yang private aja udah murah! Harga kamar Superior Queen Window per malamnya kurang lebih MYR 60 (sekitar Rp 215.000,-).  Fasilitas kamarnya ada kamar mandi pribadi, TV, mini fridge, electric kettle with coffee and tea, hair dryer, serta free sandwich for breakfast. Kalau ditotal, harga menginap disini 3 malam lebih murah dari harga menginapku semalam di SG. Bhaiq. Karena semurah ini dan masih baru, aku nggak terlalu bisa ngeluh soal jauhnya.

Common area untuk ruang bunkbed

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[REVIEW] Miss Unicorn Cafe Jakarta

Calling all the unicorn lovers! Jika selama ini sering lihat gemasnya unicorn cafe Bangkok di social media, kini nggak perlu jauh-jauh ke Thailand karena unicorn-themed cafe pertama ada di Indonesia. Lokasinya tidak jauh dari ibukota Jakarta.

Namanya adalah Miss Unicorn. Berlokasi di daerah Cibubur, Bekasi, Miss Unicorn merupakan bagian dari bangunan Mister S Cafe. Miss Unicorn berada di lantai 3 dengan dekorasi serba unicorn.

Miss Unicorn Cafe in Cibubur, Bekasi

Untuk yang hendak kesini bisa lebih mudah mengecek Google Maps dengan tujuan Mister S Cafe. Bisa juga dengan tujuan Tsamara Resto karena bangunannya masih di satu area.

Meski baru buka di awal bulan Juli 2018 ini, Miss Unicorn sukses menyedot pengunjung karena temanya yang unik dan jarang ada di Indonesia. Seperti biasa, sebelum ke kafe baru seperti ini pasti aku ceki-ceki dulu sosial medianya untuk tahu kondisinya gimana. Kalo dari foto sekiranya worth it untuk didatangi, baru deh didatangi hehe. Dari Instagram-nya, aku pun dapat bocoran kalau Miss Unicorn ini lagi rame-ramenya! Dari jam 9 pagi sudah ada waiting list. FYI, kafe Mister S buka dari jam 7 pagi.

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Thailand Trip Part 3: Hampir Kena Scam di Grand Palace (+ Itinerary & Budget)

Hari ke-4 di Thailand, dan kami siap ke salah satu tujuan utama kami ke Bangkok: temple-hopping! Kalo wisatawan Indonesia kebanyakan semangat ke Bangkok untuk belanja di tempat-tempat seperti Platinum, MBK, atau Pratunam Market, kami malah nggak excited untuk belanja dan malah lebih pengen ke temples. Salah satu tujuan kami adalah Grand Palace dan Wat Arun.

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Thailand Trip Part 1: Hari Pertama di Bangkok ( + Itinerary & Budget)

Sebelum trip ke Bangkok beberapa hari lalu, aku browsing gila-gilaan untuk persiapan trip! Beruntung banget karena banyak blogger Indonesia yang nulis tentang liburannya ke Bangkok dalam bahasa Indonesia. Aku juga bacain blog dari luar sih, tapi entah kenapa kalo baca tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia bisa lebih relate hehehe mungkin karena destinasi-destinasi yang didatengin juga lebih mirip.

Karena itu, untuk blogpost tentang trip Thailand, akan aku tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dengan harapan bisa lebih mudah dibaca untuk kalian yang mau liburan ke Thailand dan butuh info. Yay! 😀

Let’s start the trip story!

Asiatique Riverfront at night.

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Day Trip from KL to Malacca, Malaysia

When talking about Malaysia, there are few cities that pop out in my mind. They are KL, Penang, Georgetown, and Malacca.

So, after I have decided to do a trip to KL,  I browsed the net about the possibility to put other cities in my itinerary. Turned out, for my 5-day-trip (with the 1st and the last day as my day of arrival and departure), it was only possible for me to add Malacca in my itinerary. Penang and Georgetown are quite far from the capital city. But no need to be sad, because that means I can visit the Malacca! Yay!

The Red Buildings of Malacca.

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Greek Meets Javanese in Halo Niko Mini

If you are into the greek food scene in Jakarta, then I assume you know about Halo Niko since it is already well-known among Jakartans.

Halo Niko is casual restaurant that serves Greek food with Javanese fusion (or Javanese food with Greek fusion? Let’s just agree on both haha). Unique right? The owner is a couple of husband and wife, the husband is from Greece and the wife is from Indonesia. Can it be more adorable?! Now I want to marry Cristiano Ronaldo and make a Portuguese-Indonesian restaurant together, LOL.

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Orofi Cafe, a Touch of Santorini in Bandung

I assume you have at least witnessed this pretty cafe once in your Instagram feed or blog, or whatsoever, since this is one of the popular cafe in Bandung these days. I visited Orofi Cafe quite a long time ago, it was in December 2016 (hence the photo without guests. That time, not many people knew about the place. I was the only guest that day). But since people are still putting so much interest in this place (few people sent me DM asking about me about this too) so I decided to write about it.

Orofi Cafe is a cafe (restaurant) located in Dago Atas, Bandung. If you have visited The Valley Bandung, then it is located right in front of it. Use the Google Map (just like I did), I reached the place easily without getting lost or anything but that maybe because I used to live in Dago, Bandung for 4 years, I don’t know… haha. I hope you guys from outside of Bandung can find this place easily!

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Fluffy Totoro @ Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory, Tokyo, Japan

How many people here love the movie My Neighbor Totoro?  And what do you think about eating a fluffy Totoro? An edible one of course, not in a creepy kind of way.

My Tokyo trip on September 2016 was my second touchdown of Nippon land. I went to Japan (Osaka, to be precise) for the first time when I was in 3rd grade, visiting my uncle who was working there.

Because I was a little kid back then (with no internet era like right now), I just went to wherever my parents brought me, like of course… hahaha. So I was very excited for the 2nd trip to Japan with my friends. I was able to arrange my own itinerary, and even paid the whole trip with my own money (it’s nice to be an adult sometimes).

Couple of months before the trip, my friends and I listed all the places we want to visit. I bumped to a blog and found this super cute bakery which sold anything Totoro related, but their signature dish is their Totoro Cream Puff.

Fyi, I am not a huge fan of Ghibli (many of my friends are huge fans especially my friends from uni), I watched maybe just around 5 Ghibli movies. My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite though! Well, maybe draw with Spirited Away.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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