5-Day Trip to Sumba: Tempat-Tempat Wajib Dikunjungi!


“Kalau sering mengikuti perkembangan tempat populer untuk traveling di Indonesia tahun 2017, pasti kata Sumba melintas di pikiran. Kecantikan Sumba memang lagi naik daun banget beberapa tahun terakhir ini.”

Nggak ada di pikiranku sebelumnya mengunjungi Sumba di tahun 2017, karena baru saja ke ‘tetangga’-nya yaitu Labuan Bajo bulan Juli lalu. Tabungan sudah menipis, Sumba hanya jadi wishlist tahun depan. Yang ada di pikiranku, sekarang waktunya kerja keras kembali depan laptop supaya ada modal jalan-jalan lagi! Hehehe.

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The Stylish Le Pirate Labuanbajo

The signature white and tosca colored cabin is what Le Pirate Beach Resort famous for. I have stayed in Le Pirate in Nusa Ceningan a few years ago and loved the ambience and the stylish decor. That’s why when I was planning my trip to Labuanbajo, Le Pirate Labuanbajo was the first thing that popped out in my mind for accommodation.

Le Pirate has total of three branches: Nusa Ceningan, Gili Trawangan, and Labuanbajo. From the photos I’ve seen, the one in Gili Trawangan is the largest one, while the Nusa Ceningan is the medium one, and the Labuanbajo is the smallest one. In terms of area, of course.

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One Day Trip to Komodo National Park

Sudah terlalu sering rasanya melihat foto-foto cantik di Pulau Padar wara-wiri di feed Instagram dan bikin ngiler! I bet I’m not the only one who feel that way.

Dari awal tahun 2016, aku sudah merencanakan trip ke Labuanbajo. Tapi trip ke Jepang 2 minggu di akhir tahun lalu bikin jatah cuti (dan tabungan) menipis. Akhirnya geser ke April 2017, eh travelmate yang udah diajak janjian kesana tiba-tiba nggak bisa ikut. Tapi ya namanya jodoh nggak kemana, akhirnya berhasil ke Labuanbajo di bulan Juli 2017. Super dadakan, cuma punya 2 minggu untuk prepare segalanya. Tapi cus lah demi Komodo! 😀

The gorgeous Padar Island.

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A Lovely Stay @ Beehive Hotel, Bandung

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel.

It is very rarely for me to stay in a same hotel twice, because I just love trying other hotel no matter how impeccable my experience before. But that is a different case with Beehive Hotel Bandung.

I have stayed in Beehive Hotel twice, and that counts as a ‘wow’ in my book. Let me tell you why I adore this hotel very much.

Christmas decoration at the lobby.

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Greek Meets Javanese in Halo Niko Mini

If you are into the greek food scene in Jakarta, then I assume you know about Halo Niko since it is already well-known among Jakartans.

Halo Niko is casual restaurant that serves Greek food with Javanese fusion (or Javanese food with Greek fusion? Let’s just agree on both haha). Unique right? The owner is a couple of husband and wife, the husband is from Greece and the wife is from Indonesia. Can it be more adorable?! Now I want to marry Cristiano Ronaldo and make a Portuguese-Indonesian restaurant together, LOL.

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Artsy Staycation @ Yello Hotel Harmoni

One of the easiest trips to do when you’re in the city is staying in a hotel! I do this frequently, especially when I only have the weekends but still want to get out of home. You can save your money because you do not have to travel far, yet still have the different kind of staying experience. Yello Hotel Harmoni in Jakarta is my staycation destination in this post.

I love how the staffs say “Yello!” to you instead of “Hello!”

I am all about colorful things, maybe that is why I am very much in love with Yello Hotel’s interior. It is vibrant, and of course as the name Yello, it has very strong bright yellow tone vibe. I love the decor and their choices of furniture. I can tell the designer put a lot of thoughts into it. If you love artsy stuff and splash of colors, I would highly suggest this hotel.

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One Day in Apache Camp @ Highland Park Resort

I don’t know about you, but I always long for mountain view or any greeneries. Unfortunately, Jakarta doesn’t have good option for this (in my opinion). Maybe that’s why every weekends and long weekends, places like Puncak, Bogor, or Bandung, are always crowded with travelers from Jakarta.

Bogor is one city that I rarely visit to be honest. But from here and there, many people told me Bogor has many sights worth seeing, not to mention various places for a culinary trip. After a short research, I found this unique camp in Bogor. It is located on the slope of Gunung Salak, so you can expect beautiful sceneries of the mountain here. The name is Highland Park Resort Bogor.

It took me one and a half hour journey to get to this place. Because I live in BSD City, Serpong, I took the Parung route instead the Jagorawi highway, because traffic in Jagorawi could be crazy in the morning. I departed at 7.00 in the morning and arrive there around 8.30 AM.

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Orofi Cafe, a Touch of Santorini in Bandung

I assume you have at least witnessed this pretty cafe once in your Instagram feed or blog, or whatsoever, since this is one of the popular cafe in Bandung these days. I visited Orofi Cafe quite a long time ago, it was in December 2016 (hence the photo without guests. That time, not many people knew about the place. I was the only guest that day). But since people are still putting so much interest in this place (few people sent me DM asking about me about this too) so I decided to write about it.

Orofi Cafe is a cafe (restaurant) located in Dago Atas, Bandung. If you have visited The Valley Bandung, then it is located right in front of it. Use the Google Map (just like I did), I reached the place easily without getting lost or anything but that maybe because I used to live in Dago, Bandung for 4 years, I don’t know… haha. I hope you guys from outside of Bandung can find this place easily!

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Next Level of Hammocking at Gunung Masigit, Bandung

Year 2016 was quite a memorable year to me since I had quite a lot of ups and downs. The downs happened mostly at the beginning of the year, but thankfully it got better to the end. No matter how hard life gets, I believe that it is our decision to make it a lesson or just do non-stop complaining then do nothing. Well I’m not a perfect person and I do also complain and cry when I got overwhelmed some times, but I can confidently say that at the end of the day I always try to take it as a lesson.

It was around the end of December 2016, and I just had to do something awesome to wrap the year. There was this one thing I have been eye-ing for so long, and it is hammocking on top of a stone mountain, Gunung Masigit, Bandung.

I’ve seen people posting it on Instagram couple of times, and it looked so awesome!!! I thought about “How did they climb to it? The mountain looked so high…” But I thought again, well I took picture in Yogyakarta’s Kalibiru, it looked so high but turned it it was all about the angle. This can’t be that hard laaah. *me being cocky*

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Danau Biru, Hidden Gem Only 1-Hour Drive From Jakarta

It is quite difficult to engage with nature if you live in a metropolitan area like Jakarta. Most Jakartans will go to Puncak, Bogor, or Bandung when they long for natural surrounding, just to run away from the capital’s concrete jungle for a while. It took me by surprise when I bumped into a post in Instagram about this beautiful turquoise blue lake. At first I thought it was at Bukit Jaddih, Madura, or maybe at Danau Kaolin, Belitung (both are destinations I want to go to but I haven’t got the chance yet), but nope! I opened the Google Map and this lake was located just a little west from Jakarta, even closer from my home in Serpong. It is located in Cisoka area, Tangerang, Banten.

On a fine Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit this blue lake. Using the mighty Google Maps, it took me around an hour drive to get to this lake.

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