Thailand Trip: The Local Taste of Ayutthaya (1-Day Trip from Bangkok & Itinerary)

There are two things I always do when visiting Thailand: eat local food and temple-hopping! As Indonesian, I find Thai food matches my taste as it is quite similar to my home country cuisine. Also, do I need to explain to you that temples in Thailand are incredibly stunning? If you are into both of those things, then Ayutthaya is a city you can not miss.

Ayutthaya is a city in Thailand, located only 80 KMs north of the capital city Bangkok. It was the second capital city of Siamese Kingdom from 14th to 18th century (the first capital city is Sukhothai). Ayutthaya was full of beautiful palaces, temples, and monasteries.

Unfortunately in 1767, the Burmese (Myanmar) army attacked the city and burned Ayutthaya all to the ground. The city was abandoned then and never rebuilt. The Siamese Kingdom moved to a new place you know now as Bangkok.

Ayutthaya, you’re a beauty!

If you see any beautiful ruins with chedi-shaped made of red bricks on the internet, there is a big chance of it could be Ayutthaya. I love that it was very different than any other places I visited in Thailand before. The historical story is beyond. You couldn’t help but wonder how majestic the city was in its prime time when you explore the area.

Ruins of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is very reachable from Bangkok, it will take you probably just an hour or two depending on the traffic. You can either take private or public transportation to go to here. If you have limited time in your trip, you can do a day-trip to from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, just like I did with TakeMeTour!

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SG-KL Trip Part 3: Keliling KL dan Putrajaya (+ Itinerary & Budget)

Baru dari KL tahun lalu, jadi nggak terlalu ngoyo untuk jalan-jalan. Menurutku pribadi, KL itu kayak Jakarta. Menarik sih, tapi ya lebih ke wisata perkotaan aja. Destinasi utama di dan sekitar KL seperti Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves, bahkan Melaka, sudah pernah didatangi. Kemana lagi ya yang seru? Pilihanku pun jatuh pada Putrajaya! Dan kulineran di KL tentunya.

Temple-hopping around KL is not disappointing



Waktu browsing penginapan sebelum berangkat, aku happy banget ketemu Bunk & Bilik ini. Newly renovated, beautiful interior, and very affordable!

Jenis kamarnya ada banyak. Baik private maupun hostel bunkbed. Aku ambil yang private, karena yang private aja udah murah! Harga kamar Superior Queen Window per malamnya kurang lebih MYR 60 (sekitar Rp 215.000,-).  Fasilitas kamarnya ada kamar mandi pribadi, TV, mini fridge, electric kettle with coffee and tea, hair dryer, serta free sandwich for breakfast. Kalau ditotal, harga menginap disini 3 malam lebih murah dari harga menginapku semalam di SG. Bhaiq. Karena semurah ini dan masih baru, aku nggak terlalu bisa ngeluh soal jauhnya.

Common area untuk ruang bunkbed

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