Jogja from Above: Bukit Mojo Gumelem

“Social media changes our way of thinking. It also changes our way of travelling.”

Jogjakarta (or Jogja for short) is one of my favorite cities in Java that is for sure. I have visited Jogja quite a lot since I was a kid, almost every year (because my grandparents live there). Do I ever get bored? Nope.

Thanks to social media, many new tourist spots in Jogja are being made and discovered. I bet you’ve seen gorgeous hills with spectacular view (and prop to make the photo even more interesting) in Jogja like this one!

One million dollar view.

Bukit Mojo Gumelem is one of many places in Jogja that offer this kind of photo spot. Located in Mangunan, Bantul, Bukit Mojo is a whole package. They have not only a couple but a few props, so you can really go nuts and take photo with all of them. I really like the props they have here, the place is rather new so all of them are in a good condition, and the view as the background is really amazing.

While a lot of people despise the fact that people nowadays are travelling only for the sake of taking photos, I could careless and try to see it from a different perspective. These photo spots are usually managed by locals, therefore helps the locals make a living.

We took the journey from the heart of Jogja to this place by car, using only Google Maps. It took around 1 hour or more, depends on traffic. The road to this place is quite narrow and difficult though.

The entrance.

The entrance fee to Bukit Mojo is Rp 5.000,-/car, and Rp 2.000,-/motorcycle. You can use all the selfie spots for free, except the bird nest shaped ones and the sunflower ones that costs Rp 3.000,- each.

I particularly love this heart-shaped spot!
They also have teacup and pot as props hahaha.


Went on a Monday and it was not crowded at all. Yay!

They have around ten photo spots but I only took pictures with few of them that I like the most.

You may think that this is just a selfie spot, but really, the view is spectacular! After taking photos, I ordered coconut from the local warung and just sat on one of the bench waiting for sunset. I love mountain view or hill view but hate the hike so this is perfect! Hehehe.

Bukit Mojo Gumelem – Mangunan, Bantul, Jogja

Opening Hours: 5.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Opens everyday.

IG: @bukitmojo_gumelem


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