Day Trip from KL to Malacca, Malaysia

When talking about Malaysia, there are few cities that pop out in my mind. They are KL, Penang, Georgetown, and Malacca.

So, after I have decided to do a trip to KL,  I browsed the net about the possibility to put other cities in my itinerary. Turned out, for my 5-day-trip (with the 1st and the last day as my day of arrival and departure), it was only possible for me to add Malacca in my itinerary. Penang and Georgetown are quite far from the capital city. But no need to be sad, because that means I can visit the Malacca! Yay!

The Red Buildings of Malacca.

So the journey started from my hotel in central KL, around 9 AM. After browsing here and there, I decided to take the bus to Malacca because it is easier, and the fare is affordable but the bus is nice (read: comfy, with air con, etc). I took the Uber car from my hotel to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). I was travelling with a friend so I can split the fare, otherwise I would just take the train to this terminal. TBS is a bus terminal but expect a terminal that is really modern and fancy though, it looked just like an airport. Oh how I wish bus terminal in Jakarta look like this!

Fyi, I didn’t book any ticket online for KL-Malacca route, I just went there and showed up to the counter to purchase the ticket. It was on a Saturday, though, but few seats were empty. I read in some blogs that if you are travelling on Malaysia public holiday or any religious holiday, you may want to book online first to avoid not getting the ticket. The ticket from TBS to Malacca costs RM 22 (around Rp 66.000,-), and the journey took around 2 hours or more depending on the traffic.

The bus will take you to Malacca Sentral terminal. From here, you will need to take another bus to get you to the center of the city where the tourist sites are. My destination was the Red Buildings or the Stadthuys, so I took the Panorama Bus no. 17. The ticket fare is RM 1.50 (around Rp 4.500,-). This route usually has the longest queue of passengers than other routes, but it runs every 30 minutes so no worries. The journey took only 15-20 minutes.

Panorama Bus No. 17 from Melaka Sentral to Red Buildings
Apparently some passengers slipped their tickets to the seat. The ticket for Panorama Melaka was RM 1.50 per person.

Malacca has so muchhhhhh to offer for you to witness but unfortunately I only have almost just half a day here, so I just have to make the most of it! I decided to visit the Red Buildings (Stadthuys), the super prettyyyyy river with clear water just in front of Stadthuys, the murals in front of Kiehl’s shop (I just had to take photos here, since I love colors hahaha), grab a bite in Jonker Street, and a short visit to A Famosa Fort.

You can alight from the Panorama Bus just in front of Christ Church Malaka. Witness yourself the iconic red buildings.

The famous Christ Church Melaka

Hire this rickshaws if you don’t feel like walking. Am I the only one who think these three drivers are too ‘gangsta’ next to their cute rides?! LOL

Just across the street from the Red Buildings, you can see this beautiful river.

The water is very clear. If only I had enough time I would have jumped to the boat for river cruise!

If you have seen this in your friends’ Instagram feeds and envy to take a photo in front of this walls, worry not because it is located just across the river from Red Buildings. It is actually a wall of Kiehl’s store.

Bucket list checked! Hahaha

Expect pretty murals everywhere in this city.

Just a walking distance again, you will arrive at Jonker Street. Fulfill your appetite because this street offers you a lot to choose. I, myself, choose a hainanese chicken and rice balls. I browsed online, and this place named Hoe Kee is one of the most famous restaurants that serve hainanese chicken rice balls in Jonker Street. Tasted heavenly!

The hainanese chicken and rice balls are served with vegetables.
How could a simple rice balls be very fragrant and tasty?

Do a little bit of walk again from the Jonker Street, and you will arrive at A Famosa Fort. This is our last stop and where we ended our short trip in Malacca.

On the way back, (it was around 3.30 PM) we took the Uber again to the Malacca Sentral terminal. It was very sunny that day and the heat is no joke though so we didn’t have any energy anymore to walk to the Red Buildings to take the bus.

I had a few chats with the Uber driver on the way to Malacca Sentral and he told me more about tourist sites in Malacca and he suggested that I should go visit again someday because there is so much more to discover. I agree with him and I sure would love to visit Malacca again but I gotta say I am pretty satisfied with my short trip that day.

For only a few Ringgits, I got to see the famous Christ Church Melaka, the Red Buildings, took picture on that pretty pretty colorful wall at Kiehl’s, tried the so yummy and famous rice balls in Jonker Streets, also visited the Famosa Fort. It was more than I have expected before when I was planning my trip to KL.

If you are visiting KL, I highly suggest you to visit Malacca. Spare a day, to visit this place at least. It is possible to do a day trip, just like I did!




  1. May 1, 2024 / 1:19 pm

    Wah seru ya traveling ke mallaca tapi kayanya panas banget. Plus perlu sepatu yang mumpuni banyak jalan.

    • anandary
      June 26, 2024 / 9:32 pm

      Iyaa! Tapi kemaren pas aku pergi lagi tahun lalu, enak cuacanya. Jadi kayaknya bergantung pergi bulan apa juga yaa

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