Greek Meets Javanese in Halo Niko Mini

If you are into the greek food scene in Jakarta, then I assume you know about Halo Niko since it is already well-known among Jakartans.

Halo Niko is casual restaurant that serves Greek food with Javanese fusion (or Javanese food with Greek fusion? Let’s just agree on both haha). Unique right? The owner is a couple of husband and wife, the husband is from Greece and the wife is from Indonesia. Can it be more adorable?! Now I want to marry Cristiano Ronaldo and make a Portuguese-Indonesian restaurant together, LOL.

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Artsy Staycation @ Yello Hotel Harmoni

One of the easiest trips to do when you’re in the city is staying in a hotel! I do this frequently, especially when I only have the weekends but still want to get out of home. You can save your money because you do not have to travel far, yet still have the different kind of staying experience. Yello Hotel Harmoni in Jakarta is my staycation destination in this post.

I love how the staffs say “Yello!” to you instead of “Hello!”

I am all about colorful things, maybe that is why I am very much in love with Yello Hotel’s interior. It is vibrant, and of course as the name Yello, it has very strong bright yellow tone vibe. I love the¬†decor and their choices of furniture. I can tell the designer put a lot of thoughts into it. If you love artsy stuff and splash of colors, I would highly suggest this hotel.

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