My First Solo Traveling Experience: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have always wanted to do a solo traveling.

Friends who are close to me, they know that I am that kind of person who enjoys alone time. I like going to the movies alone, I like going to a café alone, I like raiding the mall alone, ah you name it. I like doing any kind of activities alone.

Some people would say it is sad, but seriously why though?! Why do you have to be with someone else if just yourself is more than adequate? I always think myself as my own best friend. And as much as I love all my friends and their company, I love my own company too.

But traveling solo is another thing though, especially if you go abroad.
Here are few things that make me hesitant to go solo traveling (maybe some of this are on your list too!):

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Next Level of Hammocking at Gunung Masigit, Bandung

Year 2016 was quite a memorable year to me since I had quite a lot of ups and downs. The downs happened mostly at the beginning of the year, but thankfully it got better to the end. No matter how hard life gets, I believe that it is our decision to make it a lesson or just do non-stop complaining then do nothing. Well I’m not a perfect person and I do also complain and cry when I got overwhelmed some times, but I can confidently say that at the end of the day I always try to take it as a lesson.

It was around the end of December 2016, and I just had to do something awesome to wrap the year. There was this one thing I have been eye-ing for so long, and it is hammocking on top of a stone mountain, Gunung Masigit, Bandung.

I’ve seen people posting it on Instagram couple of times, and it looked so awesome!!! I thought about “How did they climb to it? The mountain looked so high…” But I thought again, well I took picture in Yogyakarta’s Kalibiru, it looked so high but turned it it was all about the angle. This can’t be that hard laaah. *me being cocky*

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Danau Biru, Hidden Gem Only 1-Hour Drive From Jakarta

It is quite difficult to engage with nature if you live in a metropolitan area like Jakarta. Most Jakartans will go to Puncak, Bogor, or Bandung when they long for natural surrounding, just to run away from the capital’s concrete jungle for a while. It took me by surprise when I bumped into a post in Instagram about this beautiful turquoise blue lake. At first I thought it was at Bukit Jaddih, Madura, or maybe at Danau Kaolin, Belitung (both are destinations I want to go to but I haven’t got the chance yet), but nope! I opened the Google Map and this lake was located just a little west from Jakarta, even closer from my home in Serpong. It is located in Cisoka area, Tangerang, Banten.

On a fine Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit this blue lake. Using the mighty Google Maps, it took me around an hour drive to get to this lake.

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