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Among all of her hobbies, Jennifer Anandary loves exploring new places. Started her journey by sharing most of her findings through Instagram, people are hooked by her posts. Many encouraged her to ‘keep’ those findings in better space, so here she is writing her blog in a mission to inspire even more people to explore and travel the world.

Born in Denver, USA, she is now living in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia.

Jika ada pertanyaan mengenai traveling, silakan tulis di kolom komentar pada post, agar pembaca lain bisa juga bisa mendapat infonya. I check and reply blog comment almost everyday 🙂 Pertanyaan umum mengenai traveling yang masuk melalui e-mail, mohon maaf tidak akan dijawab.

For business and collaboration enquiries, please e-mail to hello@jenniferanandary.com

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