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Rumah JAE – A Cozy BnB in Bandung Utara

I used to live in Bandung for 4 years cause I went to a university there. I remember it was hard for me to move back to Jakarta because I like Bandung very much! The weather, the food, the people, etc.

Year 2017, I got pretty much worked up with my job in capital city so I didn’t get to visit Bandung at all! I miss Bandung very much, so I decided to make my very first trip in 2018 there.

After browsing for some accomodation in Bandung, I got hooked with this rather new BnB named Rumah JAE located in Dago Giri. Location-wise, a bit secluded to be honest. But that’s just what I was looking for! Quiet place with serene view of greeneries. Other than the BnB, they also have Warong JAE that is very popular these days.

Rumah JAE

You can trust your Google Map to get to JAE. I read some reviews that the road to JAE was rocky and difficult. Well, it isn’t (in my opinion). Yes there are uphills and downhills you have to get through but it is not rocky or something. The road is a little narrow for car, but not impossible to reach. Motorcycle is a better option though I think. Considering Dago Atas traffic could be really bad especially on weekends.

Left: bungalow building, right: main house building

Rumah JAE has two options for your stay, Main House and Bungalow.

Main House is available for 6-8 person (extra bed needed for extra person. Max 12 person). 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and private balcony.

I didn’t stay at the Main House building, so I didn’t have any photos inside. These photos are taken from their airBnB page.

Main House Bedroom

Living room

Bungalow is available for maximum 3 person. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a balcony with a view.

The Bungalow
Inside the Bungalow

I stayed in the Bungalow room. The Bungalow room is nice and simply decorated. I like the high ceiling and the big window. Though later I find out that I couldn’t keep my curtain open because people were passing by all the time.


The big window

The room is also provided with TV, mini refrigerator, electric kettle, and hair dryer. Too bad it doesn’t provide coffee and tea packets.

Talking about the bathroom, it is spacious and has a bath tub! I love the tub especially because there’s a TV in front of it. Yay for watching TV while showering!

Love the tub! And the TV!

Need to put in mind, this is a BnB and not a hotel. There was no bathroom amenities like toothbrush, cotton buds, or shower cap, etc. I brought my own toothbrush, luckily. But I forgot my shower cap.

The night is really peaceful here. The main house was unoccupied when I was there. We were the only guest there for days. Yay!

One thing I remember from the welcome card in my room is, us guest can even hold a little party here! As long as we mind the other neighbors. I instantly want to invite my friends to stay here. So long those days where we get called by the hotel staff because being too noisy in the room!

Balcony for the Bungalow room

It gets a little tricky if you feel peckish at night though. There is no restaurant nearby, and their warong closes at 6 PM. I asked the security and he said usually guests just order via GoFood.

It was a rainy night, we doubted any Gojek would take our order. Too hungry not to try, I ordered and got cancelled twice. Thankfully, a driver finally took our order on our 3rd attempt! It was a quite a journey for him, I believe. Dear Mr. Gojek driver, you are a hero! 😀

By the way, we ordered PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) from their outlet in Dago Atas. It was the nearest fast food chain from JAE we could find. Other option for nearest fast food chain is probably McDonald’s Simpang Dago.

Warung JAE

About the warong, we didn’t get to try it. People are coming by here all the time (even doing photoshoots here and there!). It was a little crowded. These pictures I took early in the morning before the warong opened, before I went out roaming the city hehe!

Eclectic cushions
Inside the warong

Rumah JAE is available to book via airBnB (link here). But I booked through WhatsApp because it’s a bit cheaper. With airBnB you will get charged for extra cleaning fee, etc.



(+) Well designed both interior and architecture

(+) Many Instagram-able spots! Especially if you like that minimalistic-wood-natural-color aesthetic

(+) Relatively quiet and peaceful (at night especially)

(+) Perfect for family (main house type) or couple trip (bungalow type)

(+) Nice view of greeneries and fresh air of Bandung atas

(+) They have warong beside the BnB

(+) Big balcony for each type of rooms



(-) No free breakfast provided

(-) Secluded and the road to here is challenging (many uphills and downhills). Best to use private transportation

(-) The warong is very popular nowadays and it is for public. Will be a little crowded and noisy at day

(-) No bathroom amenities. Only provides towel, soap, shampoo, and hand soap

(-) The warong only opens until 6 PM. No restaurant nearby.


Main House Rate:

Weekday: Rp 2.1 million

Weekend: Rp 2.4 million

Bungalow Rate:

Weekday: Rp 750.000

Weekend: Rp 900.000

P.S. This is their pricelist for the rooms on JANUARY 2018 (when I booked the room). Please contact them personally, price can be vary on public holiday.

Rumah JAE & Warung JAE

Address: Jl. Buniwangi No.168, Mekarwangi, Dago Giri

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10 AM – 6 PM; Sat-Sun 8.30 AM – 6 PM

WA: +6281223029188 +6283829801912

Instagram: @halojae



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